Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Vistasp, an accomplished architect with over 30 years of experience, who runs the esteemed AVA Design firm based in New Delhi and Bangalore. Known for his unique approach to design, encapsulated by the mantra “GOOD DESIGN = GOOD business,” Vistasp views each project as a narrative that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. In addition to his architectural prowess, Vistasp is a multi-talented artist, cartoonist, and a sought-after speaker on workspace and hospitality design. His latest book, “Boats,” tells the inspiring story of a couple who turned their dream of creating a boutique hotel in Goa into reality, showcasing the power of belief, ownership, action, and perseverance. Join us as we delve into the insights and experiences that shaped this remarkable journey and explore the profound lessons encapsulated in his philosophy of BOATS.

1. What inspired you to write “BOATS,” and how does its message resonate with your own experiences?
Vistasp: The Book attempts to not just chronicle a journey in the making of a dream project for an architect, but in the larger picture, it captures the journey of a Dream and the story of turning that dream into reality! There is no doubt that we all harness some dreams and secret desires. We feel limited and incapable of achieving that, mostly. This book demonstrates how to overcome that anxiety with a true life story.

2. The acronym BOATS—Believe, Own, Act, Thrive Trust, Succeed Sustain—is central to your narrative. How did you develop this philosophy, and how has it influenced your life?
Vistasp: Any philosophy that develops is based on a Deep Dive into one’s own experiences and realizations. Such was the intensity of the Dream that was achieved and so deep was the understanding of how this was done, that it had to be captured in the form of a book aided with the narrative of an emerging hotel project! I narrate this philosophy, every once or twice a month, to clients and friends who seek inspiration to venture into areas they lack confidence or conviction.

3. The setting of your book, Goa, plays a significant role in the narrative. How does the location influence the story, and why did you choose it as the backdrop for your book?
Vistasp: The book is the Story of the dream that was conceived in Mussoorie on holiday and thereafter realized in Goa, after almost ten years: so, this was the perfect setting for the book. The idea of building a Boutique Hotel made logical sense to pursue in Goa, where every flight is full every day of the week! It now feels like this was a part of the destiny for us!

4. The photographs in “BOATS” beautifully capture the transformation of a dream into reality. Can you share the story behind one of these images and its significance to you?
Vistasp: Do look at the Cover photo on the book: it shares a picture of what appears to be a beautiful resort with a Mediterranean architectural style; look a bit closer and notice the inverted “BOAT” shaped roofs. This resonates very well with the ACRONYM OF BOATS and thus was the perfect cover picture for the book.

5. What message do you hope readers will take away from “BOATS,” particularly those who may be facing their own challenges or pursuing their dreams?
Vistasp: Believe in yourself and your dream first to a level where it fires you to Own and immerse yourself entirely into HOW you can make your dream fructify. Thereafter Ensure that you ACT on what you decide to do, as success needs effort and only effort realizes into action and results! There will be times when you doubt yourself mid-stream, but cross the stream and trust yourself instead of turning back! For this, you need to Sustain yourself and calm yourself to face all obstacles. When you follow B+O+A+T+S = success

6. What advice would you give to someone who has a dream but is unsure of how to start pursuing it?
Vistasp: It’s been a realization that DREAMS need TEAMS to make them happen. My book chronicles the importance of my life partner in playing a major role in supporting and understanding me and my dream to the extent of her making it her dream as well! Thereafter my business partners played as large a role as could be imagined. Without teaming up, the dream remains elusive. Do things together: That’s my message.

7. Can you share any upcoming projects or ventures that you’re working on, and how your experiences with “BOATS” have influenced your future endeavors?
Vistasp: BOATS has demonstrated the importance to Dream and Dream Big; It has demonstrated that anything is possible with conviction and belief! We are on the way to designing a never-before-seen Hotel project, for which we are looking for Land and partners! It would be based on Indian Heritage and would be a new typology not seen before ever! BOATS has released me from past confines. It will release you as well once you read it!

As we conclude our enlightening conversation with Vistasp, it’s clear that his journey and the philosophy behind “Boats” offer invaluable lessons for anyone daring to dream. His story demonstrates that with belief, dedication, and the right partnerships, even the most ambitious dreams can be realized. Vistasp’s vision transcends beyond architecture, inspiring us to embrace our dreams and take decisive steps toward achieving them. His upcoming projects, infused with the same passion and innovation, promise to continue breaking boundaries and setting new standards in the world of design. We hope Vistasp’s insights motivate you to embark on your own journey of dream realization. Thank you for joining us, and we look forward to seeing the incredible heights Vistasp will reach next.


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