Meet Kavita Bhatt, the talented author who effortlessly balances her career as an IT consultant with her passion for poetry. Hailing from Uttarakhand, she has penned captivating works like “Manmughda – Ek Soch,” “Pocket of Smile,” “Sacche Pankh,” “Maun-Swar,” and “Jewel My Unalloyed Thoughts.” Her poetic creations draw inspiration from the beauty of nature, while her interests in interior designing and gardening add vibrant colors to her creative journey. With notable contributions to national and international anthologies as a co-author, Kavita’s words leave an indelible mark on readers’ hearts.

Join us as we delve into the captivating world of Kavita Bhatt’s literary creations and gain insights into her inspirations, aspirations, and the profound impact that poetry has on her life.

1. What inspired you to become an author?

Kavita: I believe I am still a learner and in the very journey of writing. I keep looking for inspiration to shape my journey. The list is endless, but to name a few, my very first inspiration was my mother, who inspired me to write more and more the moment she learned I wrote poems at the age of 11. Then my school teachers and college teachers motivated me. And foremost, my friends, who made me realize how important it is to love your passion and true self, I also owe a great deal of respect to my friend Bernard Sir, who not only helped with the needed guidance in the publishing industry but also motivated me to keep writing and exploring different genres. Lately, I’ve met a few beautiful souls in my literary forum who inspire me to continue this journey without pause. I feel my mentor, Shri Jagdish Prakash, had a great role in shaping my literary acumen, and he helped me with the nuances of poetry from time to time. Not only does he inspire or appreciate me, but he is also my best critic, which helps me work on my flaws, which is very important to gain the needed expertise in the field.

2. What themes or messages do you hope readers take away from your poetry in your books?

Kavita: In short compassion, hope, positivity, and oneness with Almighty.

3. Can you share one of your favorite poems from “Jewel My Unalloyed Thoughts” and explain what it means to you?

Kavita: Yes of course. One of my favorite poem from Jewel my unalloyed thought is the title poem “Jewel My Unalloyed Thoughts”. 

A few excerpts from the poem are as follows –

“When storms roars and howl everywhere
Taxed emotions stitch worn of nightmare
When you are invested into dismay and apathy
O! lord I look up to you for all your sympathy.
Weave my emotions into the beautiful sight.
Jewel it up so brightly that it reflects light.”

Jewel, my unalloyed thoughts, this word I coined while writing raw and powerful emotions, and I was short of words to emote them. I asked God to jewel my words and emotions, and this is how this prompts me to look up the book’s title and compile all my other poems into this book. This poem reflects our bond and relationship with God and how powerful that energy is, which guides us in our day-to-day lives.

4. How do you think poetry can help readers cultivate compassion, hope, and positivity in their lives?

Kavita: Poetry has the power to emote the unheard and unsaid words, and sometimes it has the power to seek the solution as well. Poetry is the toughest yet most subtle form of expressing emotions and imagination. I would like to summarize poetry in a poetic way:

Poetry is like:

“Inhaling emotion”

Exhaling beams of hope and bliss.
Which transcends deep down to my soul.
To the vivid ocean of imagination.

Only to uplift and at the same time,
to submerge again.

Just to inhale emotions again and again.
To circle and vaporize.

Fuming all the emotions
Galloping in a form of tears.”

5. Do you have any advice for aspiring poets who want to use their craft to promote positivity and self-realization as you do in this collection?

Kavita: Take your art or work with purity and a sense of gratitude that you are bestowed with that wisdom so that you can serve mankind through your work. Whatever message you wish to express through your artistic endeavors, make sure it reflects the sensibility and subtleties of the relevant sector or body of work. Follow your uniqueness and do not be part of the cat race. Be one of your kind.

6. How did you first become interested in writing poetry, and what draws you to this art form?

Kavita: My poetic journey began when I was 11 years old. I was in my hometown during my summer vacation, and while swinging, I witnessed two beautiful birds chirping and flying amidst the beautiful, glittering Himalayas. The lines were like this: “Aakash Mein Udta Chal Aakash Ghanera Hai” I dedicated those lines to those two beautiful birds. I was so fascinated by those forms of poetic conversation, and since then I have started writing all my emotions and observations on a notepad. My very first poem was Godhuli (twilight) when I was in 6th grade.

7. You’ve won several awards for your writing, including Poet of the Year and Emerging Writer of the Year. What do these accolades mean to you and your career as a writer?                                                   

Kavita: These awards and nominations reflect that our work is reaching the audience or being noticed at some level. It inspires us to push ourselves even harder.

We hope you enjoyed this enlightening online interview with Kavita Bhatt, the talented IT consultant who finds solace and inspiration in the art of poetry. Through her words, she paints vivid images and explores themes of compassion, hope, positivity, and unity with the Divine. Kavita’s poetry collection, “Jewel My Unalloyed Thoughts,” is a testament to her unwavering creativity and the deep bond she shares with the Almighty. She believes that poetry has the power to evoke emotions, foster compassion, and instill a sense of hope and optimism in readers’ lives. Aspiring poets can learn from Kavita’s advice to embrace their uniqueness and use their craft to promote positivity and self-realization. With a humble attitude and a genuine desire to serve humanity, Kavita continues to make a mark in the literary world. Her accolades, including Poet of the Year and Emerging Writer of the Year, further validate her talent and inspire her to strive for greater heights in her writing career.


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