Welcome to an enlightening conversation with Jamir Choudhury, an accomplished author and Associate Professor whose groundbreaking work in natural science and cognitive science is reshaping the educational landscape. As an Academic Research Scholar on ‘Solidarity Rights in Islam,’ Jamir has embarked on a self-financed natural science project, driven by a commitment to uncover and share unerring knowledge free from established contradictions and mechanical formalities. His latest book, One Day Project Work, offers a profound exploration of cognitive science, aiming to instill scientific temper, humanism, and the spirit of inquiry in the fresh generation. Join us as we delve into his inspirations, insights, and aspirations through this engaging interview.

1. What inspired you to write “One Day Project Work”?
Jamir: There are 90 Basic Scientific Issues in Part – II [Pages 159 to 198] of the book. The absolute Failure of the Concerned Authorities to provide us with the “Necessary Remedial Measures” for the Identified Contradictions during the Academic Sessions – 2016-17 to 2022-23 inspired me to summarize my searched out findings with the Title – “One Day Project Work”.

2. How do you see the searched-out cognitive science will reshape the future of education?
Jamir: “Cognitive Science” means “Cognizable Knowledge” or “Unerring Knowledge”. “Well-established Global Science” is neither justifiable in accordance with Formal Grounds [“1.7 – Aims of Education”, NCF – 2005] nor verifiable in correspondence to Material Grounds [“2.5.3 – Forms of Understanding”, NCF – 2005]. Searched out Natural Science is both justifiable and verifiable. So, the searched-out “Cognitive Science” [Unerring Knowledge] is able to reshape the future of education.

3. Can you share a specific example from the book that illustrates the significance of cognitive science?

4. What do you hope readers will take away from your book?
Jamir: There are 215 objective questions related to “Framework & Curriculum of Natural Science” and Fundamental Rights in my book. Readers will try to draw the line of demarcation [lakshman rekha] between Universally Accepted & Well-established Global Science and Created & Manifested Natural Science on the basis of Crucial Instances and eye-opening Evidence.

5. How has your background in philosophy influenced your approach to science?
Jamir: It is not Philosophy which had influenced me to run a self-financed natural science project. On the contrary, it is Identified Fictitious Science [Imaginary Science or Anti-natural Science] called Global Science which had influenced me during the academic session 1987-88 to study Logic & Philosophy with a view to manifest clearly the vera causa of human sufferings since globalization.

6. How do you see the relationship between philosophy and cognitive science grounded on cognition evolving in the future?
Jamir: – The term ‘Philosophy’ connotes ‘Framework’ [Universal Major Premises of the Dictum]. The term ‘Science’ denotes ‘Curriculum’ [Affirmative Minor Premises of the Dictum]. Logic [Human Cognition] is the thread between Philosophy and Science. An understanding of the Logical Relation between Philosophy [Uniform Guidelines] and Science [Un-contradicted Facts of this Manifested Nature] is necessary to communicate the ‘Humanistic Vision of Education’.

7. Can you tell us more about your self-financed natural science project and how it has influenced your work?
Jamir: I was basically a student of the science stream. I had identified several contradictions [logical shortcomings & illogical facts] objectively present in the well-established imaginary science called Global Science. So, I changed the stream. I had searched out “Equal & Opposite Apriori Framework of Natural Science and several Un-contradicted Facts of this Manifested Nature” after almost 28 years of searching for truth. I have been trying to share “Unerring Knowledge” regarding “Framework & Curriculum of Natural Science” in accordance with “Guiding Principles” [“1,7 – Aims of Education”, NCF – 2005] and in correspondence to Reality [“2.5.3 – Forms of Understanding”, NCF – 2005] since the 6th August 2016. My 21 books with ISBN and 7 scientific articles with ISSN are the clear proofs of my selfless endeavours for a long period of time for the sake of the existential imports of the Dialectic of Truth – Right – Justice, Sanctity of Education & Significance of Scientific Certainty, and Utilitarian Liberation & Common End.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the profound insights and dedicated efforts of Jamir Choudhury. His work in cognitive science and philosophy not only challenges the status quo but also offers a vision for a future where education is grounded in scientific certainty and humanistic values. One Day Project Work stands as a testament to his relentless pursuit of truth and his unwavering commitment to fostering holistic development in our society. We hope this conversation has inspired you to explore new dimensions of knowledge and to appreciate the intricate relationship between science, philosophy, and human rights.


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