Welcome to Author Times, where we delve into the minds of remarkable authors who captivate us with their storytelling. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Abhishek Anand, a distinguished author who balances his engineering career with his passion for writing. Hailing from a small village in Bihar, Darbhanga, Abhishek has made significant strides in the literary world, publishing three books in the last two years. His unique perspective on life and his ability to weave common people, places, and incidents into compelling satires have earned him a special place in the hearts of his readers.

Abhishek’s works, such as “Vanity Bag” and “Shipra Ka Pani,” reflect his deep connection with everyday life and his talent for highlighting the extraordinary within the ordinary. An MBA and poet as well, his book “Tumhari Khatir” showcases his prowess in Hindi ghazals and poems. With a philosophy that life should be lived to its fullest, Abhishek’s mantra, “Keep Smiling and romancing,” is a testament to his optimistic outlook. Today, we explore his latest collection of short stories, which promise to entertain and provoke thought in equal measure.

Q1. What inspired you to write “Karya Pragati Par Hai”?
Abhishek: I see the society and people around me very closely. I have also been learning various customs and traditions during my upbringing. Sometimes I agree, and most of the time I’m afraid I have to disagree. I am trying to open the eyes of society and want them to recreate themselves. If I had been a Cartoonist, I was going to draw sketches to express my views, by chance, I am a writer, so I choose to express it through writing, and that is how “Karya Pragati Par Hai” came up.

Q2. How do you develop the characters in your stories? Are they based on real people?
Abhishek: I never put stress on developing characters in my stories. They are readymade and in large numbers. I am just making them tailored to fit my stories. Of course, all the characters in my book are real. I know most of them, and many of them I met by chance. And I bet, if you read my stories, you will come to know, you have also seen them some time, somewhere around you.

Q3. How do you approach blending humor with social commentary in your stories?
Abhishek: This is the need of the hour. Readers can get bored with the so-called “Gyaan ki Baatein”. If you want to hold them throughout the story, there has to be some drama, excitement, or fun. I choose humor, because to counterbalance the bitter truth of society, you have to leave the readers on a good note, a smile.

Q4. Are there any particular themes or messages you hope readers take away from your book?
Abhishek: We are bound with so many superstitions and beliefs, at one stage although knowing you are doing it wrong; you cannot stop yourself. This may be your fear, complex from society, or your ego. I want the readers to realize that society is in a state, where “they don’t even know, what they don’t know”.

Q5. Are there any authors or books that have influenced your writing style?
Abhishek: I know, you will not believe it, but I have not read any writer to date. I strongly believe that it affects the originality of your style and idea of framing a story. But, yes, I have heard people relate my style of writing with many writers of this genre.

Q6. What advice would you give to aspiring writers who want to explore satire in their work?
Abhishek: Satire is the toughest genre in the current scenario. You will come across many objections and threats when you raise your hands on practices that have been going on for so long in society. Be it political, social, or religious, one writing a satire has to go through all of them. And this is the reason, we have the bare minimum of writers in the current time, who are writing satires. My advice is, that if you choose to write a satire, you need to have a strong belief in what you are saying and keep a stand on it.

Q7. Your books feature titles like “Bhaade Ka Suit,” “TV Wali Ramayan,” and “Pratishtha mein AC Lagwana,” which suggest a unique and quirky take on common themes. How do you come up with such intriguing titles and story ideas?
Abhishek: We are writing in a country with 140 Crore of population. Among them, 95% are common and middle-class people who represent the real India. I write for those 95% and you can connect with them only by what they go through. I choose words and phrases, which these people use in day-to-day life. Reading my stories and titles, makes them recall their daily life incidences. I want my readers to live and feel themselves in my stories.

Q8. In addition to being an author, you’re also an engineer and an MBA. How do you balance these different aspects of your life, and do they influence your writing in any way?
Abhishek: I am an Engineer by design, not by choice. People have their hobbies, many keep them only in their CV, and many take them to a different level. I am passionate about my hobby. Very soon you may come to know, that I am a full-time writer. I agree doing a 9-5 job, affects your writing because stories and ideas can come anytime. They never mind if you are in a meeting or on the Shop Floor. Those are the times when I feel, my writing is getting compromised.

Q9. Your book “Tumhari Khatir” features Hindi ghazals and poems. How does your approach to writing poetry differ from your approach to writing fiction?
Abhishek: “Tumhari Khaatir” is the outcome of that phase of life, when I met the first girl in my college and I thought, she is the one, for whom I could craft my all emotions on the pages. This book is a dedication to her. In those days, I enjoyed my poetry writing skills to the fullest. With time, I entered into new phases of my life, and my scope and horizon were much wider now. With time, I realized I to choose satire, because this was one thing through which I could give my best to society.

Q10. What’s next for you as an author? Do you have any upcoming projects or books in the works?
Abhishek: I am ready with two new projects and working on the third. In the coming days, I am planning to approach cinemas, where we will explore possibilities to make some movies so that my message reaches maximum people.

Thank you for joining us on this insightful journey into the world of Abhishek Anand. His stories not only entertain but also offer a mirror to society, encouraging readers to reflect and rethink. Through his satirical lens, Abhishek presents a unique blend of humor and social commentary, making his work both engaging and thought-provoking. As he continues to explore new horizons in his writing and plans future projects, including potential ventures into cinema, we can look forward to more captivating stories that challenge and delight.

Stay tuned to Author Times for more interviews with authors who inspire and transform through their words. Until next time, keep reading, keep smiling, and embrace the romance of life, just as Abhishek Anand does with every page he writes.


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