Ahi is her name and being the most celebrated publisher is her dream. Working hard towards her dream, she one day finds herself star-struck: the autobiography of her favorite author on her table. Turning around the pages, she finds herself entwined in confusion- for, it is filled with his confessions of his crimes, illegal-businesses and also the revelation of his crime partners; she doesn’t know whether to be happy to get his book or be scared that her life might become shambles if she takes this further.

Little does she know that what seems to be the beginning of her dream career will drag through a series of mishaps as well as murders, and is actually going to show her things that she has never imagined-her past.

Driven by the encouragement of her childhood friend Samim and the ever-charming ACP Rathore’s watch-over, she travels through the lead path in the confessions only to find herself tightly clawed by numerous conspiracies.

She has only one choice: to jeopardize her life to find her past. Will she?

A roller coaster of emotions, thriller and extremely mysterious: Sin is the New Love is the journey of Ahi who finds her truth about her origin while chasing her dream.

Currently living in Bangalore, Abir Mukherjee is an engineering graduate with experience of more than a decade in the IT professional field; he was born and brought up in Bardhaman, West Bengal. He has written two books and this is his third; the former are As Life has No Undo and S.O.A.R-Success Over Adversity Reigns! His hobbies include sketching and writing.

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