Challenges makes your life meaningful and darkness can make you crave for the light; wondering how? Well, that’s what this book is all about; finding love, facing betrayal and everything that is capable of breaking heart and self-musings like quotes as well as shayaris.

To love your life, you either need to ignore pain or become a warrior to deal with the same; the latter is what this book, ‘Ae zindagi’ is all about. Read to know how a simple 19 year old girl grows through her chaos and becomes the most powerful warrior at heart with a poetic soul.

The book definitely will take you down to the memory lane and will make you more stronger to deal with any pain or overcome any suffering.

‘Ae zindagi’ is the debut work of Sweta Mandal, who is a strong believer of acing the pain and becoming a poet to deal with the same; the words are woven in such a way that you can embrace your past, love your future and deal with the present. In short, she will make you realize that you are not alone in this and everything will be fine and that towards the end you are warrior and will become more powerful with every single happening.

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