What if the custom, one of the major elements that govern the international relations, is deeply incorporated in the ambit of religious practices which can be potentially dangerous, is becoming prevalent in the international scenario..?

Well, one such practice is ANSA, which deeply reflects the Islamic sharia law in the fields ranging from education to law; it is important to analyze this as this practice itself can become a propaganda of religion in international arenas and in due course of time there is possible danger in the same.

To analyse the same, the researcher analyses the different dimensions in numerous aspects especially with reference to ISIS which has the same propaganda but is of different view.

Read to know further on the international relations and the growing concerns of the newly formed customs which can be of potential danger!

Ashim Dhakal, the author, has completed his bachelors degree in International Relations from Christ University and did his Mphil from Sikkim University. With immense love and respect for the course he had done, he has contributed the same via articles on the the journal for advances and scholarly researches in allied education (JASRAE ISSN 2230-7540), to the society; this includes understanding Michael Foucault ( vol 15, issue no 9, Oct 2018) and Neo-liberalism in theorizing world politics (vol.15, issue no.5, July 2018.

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