The journey of becoming parents is a microcosm of the overall voyage of life. Just like the story of a life is worth telling, the journey of welcoming a new life is also share worthy. If the voyage of a life can be compared with a novel, the journey of this new beginning can well be compared with a novella. Keeping this in mind, Mrs Sonia Sahijwani Saini, an already known name in modern Indian literature with her debut book Yours Legally on an usual topic-law has decided just about the right length and volume for her second book titled ‘Baby on Board’ that narrates the journey of an ordinary couple with an extra ordinary pregnancy journey.

Parenthood in modern Indian society is how artificial intelligence is in the corporate world – everyone thinks the person knows it better, hence people don’t discuss about it much. One will perhaps be able to find numerous reading content on the subject of pregnancy from a purely scientific and factual standpoint with the dos and the dont’s but unfortunately, a big prevailing lacuna exists regarding handling the overall pregnancy journey mentall. The author Sonia brilliantly attempts and mostly succeeds in bridging this gap because according to her, it is all in the mind.

‘Baby on Board’ is a feel good fresh book and in complete contrast to your usual pregnancy books. The feeling of goodness starts with the cute and beautiful cover page itself and then continues throughout the pages of the work and after the reader finishes off reading the book, he or she is already content with an enriched knowledge on the journey of pregnancy. While reading the book, every time the reader gets a sense of the fact that this is a book narrated by someone with sheer honesty  who has been through the journey herself. There is nothing better than listening to an account from the horse’s mouth and that too from the one who ran the race recently.

Law students are always gifted with the talent of documenting complex things in a simple manner. Mrs Sonia has proved that common belief to be true again as she has done a fascinating job in penning down boldly the daunting journey of parenthood in a lucid manner. Well, it can be a point for the readers to bother whether it’s the legal background or the literal flair that has done the trick for her. Whatever it is, the young author has already created enough ripple in the Indian literary ocean and we are sure this ripple will turn into full length waves with her upcoming works.

We would like to simply wait and watch.

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