She is a poet, writer, well-known lifestyle blogger, Bharatanatyam dancer, self-taught painter and is holder of prestigious awards; Priya Shiva, brought up in Delhi, is excellent at various art as well as creative pursuits and her blog Priya Kitchenette where she showcases her culinary talents throughout the year, have brought her laurels and accolades.

To spread her knowledge, she conducts numerous blogging workshops and has made to the list of top food stylists. She has also made her way to the India book of records. Additionally, on her blog, she shares about her travel experiences as well as the various aspects of human emotions.

Ballad Of Love And Longing is her debut book and is a promising mixture of fantasy, romance and a fairy tale; the core theme revolves around our belief of fairy tale and a happily ever after.

This ballad is a story written in poetic language about a Set in European girl who understands the language of flowers and expresses all her emotions through flowers. Set in the medieval period, this collection of poems which is divided in three parts, will surely take you through the beauty of vintage times.

The poetic story is of romantic fantasy genre and is sure to make you travel through your memory lane of nostalgic similar experiences. The ballad portrays the way how destiny and fate can work together beautifully to unite two lovers. Read to travel through the sweet times of a flower girl who eventually becomes a queen on a high throne.

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