ENDURER A Rape Story is truly inspirational and a roller coaster of twists and surprises. The characters are sure to win over the hearts and story forces you to think on the current scenario of how the society is unjust and inhuman in its treatment to victims of sexual assault and abuse.

The book has many memorable quotes, one of the favorites:

“I wished we had all died. Because when we are alive, we lie, hate, get angry, be conceited, be inconsiderate, mock each other, become selfish and above all, hurt people. And we are not ashamed to acknowledge it as part of human existence.”

It all seemed picture perfect; parties, night outs, love, fights, patch up and Palak’s college life seemed complete. Well, little did she know that all it takes is just one night to change everything. Like any girl, not in the wildest dream, Palak could imagine that after attending a Rave Party, she will wake up to the horror of finding herself raped.

She knows she cannot be shattered forever and decides to fight back; but, the society had other plans to suppress her voice along with the other victims like her using the social taboo as a weapon. They blame her dress and the drink she chooses but no one utters a single word against those rapists. Now, she has to fight against the tyrant father and her expired mother who keeps appearing in her thoughts.

But, Will she be able to…?

Read to know more on how the shattered little girl fights back against all odds and ultimately finds the meaning of her life.

Currently located in New Delhi, Kapil Raj is an author as well as a professional that has a realistic mind and philosophical heart. He spends most of his time crafting various aspects for his novels and his writings reflects his deep understanding of society and human psychology.

You can connect with the author on social media platforms (realistespresso- facebook, twitter and instagram) to know more about him and to see his display of other interests like photography.

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