Grandparents and grandchildren share a very fun-loving and a comfy relationship. Grandparents are known to tell us the best stories and wonder tales. So we would listen to them with our glossy eyes wide open and our lips ajar.

‘Five Gifts That Shaped My Life’ is the story of Ron and his concrete relationship with his grandfather. While he struggled at his relationship with his father the bond between Dadu and him was effortless and flamboyant. The two would delve deep into adventures and thrills together. Thus, their bond had become thicker than any other.

Dadu would give Ron a gift on every birthday, consecutively for five years. These gifts carried special meanings with them, which then go on to become the benchmark of learning in Ron’s life. He deciphers the special meaning in each gift and relates it to his stories and adventures with Dadu. Ron applies the learning in his life and begins to ace at everything – studies, career and relationships.

Samar Deep Singh is the author of ‘Five Gifts That Shaped My Life’. The book is a reflection of how sacred the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild is. Apart from being an author, Samar works in the power sector. He is an engineer and also holds a graduate degree in political science. He has varied interests like poetry, writing and martial arts.

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