Culture and traditions is what binds communities and families. But what if one was to break those traditions to build something else. Something even stronger like principles.

Golden Wings is the story of a boy who builds and rebuilds his life to suit his dreams. His greed for achieving and the pride of enduring is what gets him where he wants to be. The boy may have had everything but he wanted even more. He may have lost everything but gained his will to succeed.

Golden Wings teaches us the importance of persevering.

The author of the book is Srijoy Mitra who has Bengali heritage but grew up in USA. The novel is inspired from his live experiences. Srijoy started at Drexel University but shifted to Appalachian State University. While still in college, Srijoy, much like his character re-thought his life, sat in his MINI-COOPER and drove away. He currently writes and makes music out of his MINI-COOPER.

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