Best-selling author Himanshu Rai’s latest book sells more than five thousand copies of I am Always Here with You in the first month of its release.

Released in January 2019, best-selling author Himanshu Rai’s latest book I am Always Here with You has been getting great reviews from readers across the nation. The latest book after the much appreciated My Mute Girlfriend, it opened up to a warm welcome, as the book was top-ranking in the pre-order stage. The love has only grown from there. It was even listed as a bestseller on the Amazon hot releases, getting wonderful reviews from readers.

It is a story that breaks stereotypes and barriers, to explore emotions like never before. With a crucial twist in the story in the beginning, it keeps the readers hooked till the very end.

It has been occupying the bestseller place on Crossword and WH Smith listings, making it a much read and adored book this year. The story has it’s ups and downs. Most of all the story is not something you will come across everyday.

The book is a start, an end and a restart to life. It is the story of Kartik and Ashima and their unborn child. While Ashima is expecting, Kartik writes letters to her as a gesture to relate her pregnancy with the 9 years that the two have been in love with, that he decides to give to her post their child’s birth. The book in all its glory gives the most vivid descriptions of how love and sorrow can co-exist.

This is a tale of love, selflessness and goes beyond human intervention. How can one cope with loss, depression and find the meaning of life once again? How does the blame-game in the family arise? The story heart breaking and heart melting?The story makes the reader weak in their knees. The love-story makes all of us want to have a story like theirs. But no story is perfect… or is it?


You can grab a copy from a bookstore near you or order one online. But don’t forget to miss reading one of the most emotional and special love stories of this year.

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