Inequality is rooted in humankind. We as human differentiates, not our mother nature. She is the only one who accepts us the way we are, it is us humans that define our own meaning of normal and those who don’t fit our understanding of things, automatically become outcasts. We assign meaning and definition to everything. We make acceptable paths that if one doesn’t take then they will be treated differently.

One way as kids we are differentiated is on the basis of academics. We all remember how the kid who was so brilliant in academics was so clearly the most liked student in the class and even teachers had no problem show casing their bias towards them.

Little Rudra is a struggling student like many other children at his age. They are automatically assumed incapable because they are not brilliant at academics. The book ‘Innocent Wings’ is about how if a child is nurtured with love and care and goes through a series of assessments and interventions, then he or she can be the most brilliant student.

Shilpi Signodia is the author of Innocent Wings. She has previously written Hangover and had contributed to the Encrypted Letters. Other than an author, she is also a blogger, book reviewer and research writer. Her short stories are regularly found on Story Mirror. Her belief about nurturing a child hails from her own life as she enjoys spending maximum time with her children.

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