Deblina Bhattacharya is a young poetess currently pursuing English Literature. She has written a book that consists of multiple poems and prose called ‘Knots’.

The poetess draws a picture of knots that bind and knots that arise out of conflict. Her poems have a narrative beyond the existing words and each poem has a story of its own.

Her poems are deep and relentless that draw their inspiration from real experiences and issues that we face in this day and age. The tone of her poems is a blend of melancholy and delight. She carefully sculpts a picture for her readers that resonate in her mindful poetry.

Knots is her debut venture and she is also working on a romance novel. She is truly an artist in every way. She listens to music, writes and reads in her pastime. A lot of her poetry ascents out of her own battle with depression and even in her collection ‘Knots,’ she emanates inspiration. Her poetry is a journey that makes pit stops at every emotion.

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