How does it feel when you want to decide with all your heart and brain but social norms takes up the forefront and ultimately overpowers you? How often do you find yourself lost in thoughts realizing that all your ideas are inculcated based on societal norms rather than we actually learn something in reality?

Well, the same has happened to our protagonist in the story, ‘Life is a Bitch’ and all he aspires is to unlearn everything he was taught in childhood. He becomes internally numb at one point due to all the pain he had experienced throughout his life but life takes a beautiful turn with rough paths only to make him the kind of man he always wanted to be.

This book will be your great companion in your rough times or whenever you will feel low or empty inside. Read “Life Is A Bitch” to know more about life, pain and victory

The debutante, Asmit Rathod is a passionate writer and all his writings reflect the general life as well as the human relations. He is currently living in Australia and is a New Zealand citizen; he has a post-graduate degree in the course of Journalism and mass Communication.

Currently, he is focusing on two projects: incomplete manuscript which will be published in Hindi and English and the other one is of horror genre and is tentatively titled Anhoni; the former is the love story of a middle class girl in Banaras.

The author is planning his entry in Bollywood as well,

The debut book is filled with his experiences and various dimensions of life which he obtained on meeting new people at various places.

You can visit the author’s page ( know him and read his works.

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