Dr. Manisha Yadav is one of the people who have this zeal to keep learning at every stage of their life. She is a Reiki healer / Dowser / angels card reader / Motivational speaker and an Art of living volunteer.

Manisha has always been inclined towards literature, where she has been much appreciated for her work. Manisha has received various awards such as WOMEN OF INFLUENCE AWARD 2019 By “Garnet & Gold”, SWAMI VIVEKANANDA EXCELLENCE AWARD by “Seva Youth Guild”, “Indian Star Icon Award-2019”, 100 inspiring Author of India Award, 50 Influential Author of India Award, WOMEN OF INFLUENCE AWARD 2019 by “Garnet & Gold, SWAMI VIVEKANANDA EXCELLENCE AWARD by “Seva Youth Guild”, swaym siddha Award 2019 by Rotary Club, “GOLDEN ACHIEVERS AWARD” by Blaster Group Event Company, “Indian Star Icon Award-2019″, “Women’s of Excellence Award” and many others. She has also been nominated for “NE8x®? Online Literature Fest 2019” & for the title “Author of the Year 2019” and “Critic space Literary Journal Top100 Debut authors Award.”

She has co authored the world’s first quotation anthology and has written two poetry books namely “Mere Khayal” and “Dariya-E-Ehasaas” which has been recognized countrywide.

These books are an expression of the conflicts in the poet’s heart which she has displayed through the means of poems and shayaris. These conflicts have risen due to the enormous societal and family pressure that a girl goes through while maintaining a balance between the outside world and her mental space.

There are various circumstances which ignite a set of emotion inside us. Poet has tried to cultivate these emotions in her poems so that the reader can understand them and relate to in their everyday life.

A book that makes you feel what it is to be a girl in a place where the situations are adversely arrogant, is certainly worth your time!

Mere Khayal ?????-?-?????



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