As professional critics, we get to read enough reading materials – good, bad and the ugly ones. The immense opportunity to read enables you with eye to identify a star. When you read the book ‘Sprinkling Poetry’ written by Nidhi Manral, the first thought that comes to your mind is – Wow! A star is born.

How often do you see a person who had studied on plants had picked up literature to pursue further education? Well, that’s exactly the exceptional story of Nidhi. Once you start knowing about her, you tend to get confused on which deserves more admiration – the author or the book? The creator or the creation? Well, whatever be the side you chose to take the fact remains unchanged and the fact is ‘Sprinkling Poetry’ is a masterpiece and is bound to be liked by specialist critics and enthusiastic readers alike. Once in a while comes those authors who make you feel waiting with their works. Once you read one of their works, you immediately start waiting for their next work to come out. Nidhi Manral is one such powerful talent. She, in simple words is a powerhouse of talent. As a gifted writer it’s her accountability too to present the modern readers with delicious creative gifts.

After a very, very long time we got a chance to read a set of poems which can be so easily understood. The simplicity does not lower the quality of the poems. On the contrary, the touch of natural simplicity induced by the young author adds up to the overall reading experience.

It’s been almost four days that I completed reading the book but the beauty is that I can’t but think about the emotions described in it. The author deserves kudos for it.

When this kind of a book gets written, we as mere readers can only congratulate and pray for similar works by the same author in near future. This is exactly, what I’ll like to do.

On a concluding note, I’ll like to request the entire reading fraternity of our country, please go ahead and read this amazing book so that we may see the next work of Nidhi Manral seeing the daylight pretty soon.

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