The music in your breathing resonates of poetry.
Poetry bridges the gap between the conscious and the abstract. It removes the negativity from inside and detoxes the mind.

‘Of Myriad Minds’ is a collection of 80 poems that strikes your heart directly. Every age group can decode the collection in their own unique way. The words reminisce emotions, states and memories triggering nostalgia and déjà vu. The title trails of feelings and situations a human mind explores.

Swapna Soren who has been writing since she was hardly a teenager has just released her collection of poems and prose called ‘Of Myriad Minds’. She is from India and is currently still in college in the UK. She has written over 200 poems at such a young. ‘Of Myriad Minds’ is her first venture and with her beautiful poetry there shall be many more. Her poems have the power to impact all kinds of people.

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