“Femonomic” uses exquisite storytelling poetry to talk about love, society, and life. The poems are split by satirical quotations, and each category serves a different purpose. The book deals with the coexistence of different types of pain and love. In all its ways, the book is a celebration of love, courage and self-healing muscle. This takes readers through a life journey’s traumatic, funny, and surprising moments and finds humor in them because if you just want to look, it’s everywhere. The topics covered are sensitive and highly relevant. The book is a wake-up call for humanity prior to the apocalypse.

Lovey is all set to rise and shine. Since she chose the road less traveled in today’s world of soft verses. At the same time, through her power poetry, she explores brutality and vulnerability. The book’s 116 pages are about you, me, and us. The poems touch base like never before. Some are tinted with struggles to keep up with stereotypes while others are caramelized with pizza and chocolate cravings that kick in at nighttime.

“Femonomic” presents a collection of poems that cuts across the shameful & cruel state of the society. The poems are intimate, fearless, wry& laugh-out-loud funny and may help you value your existence as a human, encouraging you to make a positive difference in your life and get over the stubborn negativity that surrounds. And, punch those creeps in the metro train who constantly stare at your Lolitas. Every poem is extremely personal, vulnerable, and beautiful in its own way.

The book has a point of view. A viewpoint that makes her stand out from the crowd and finds her niche in an industry dominated by male authors. I feel she treads a fine line between simplicity and accessibility after reading her book. The shock value produced by her direct approach toward gritty topics is commendable. I also felt that the only way that a reader can connect with most of the poems is through their experiences. For example, this may not be applicable to those who live in a bubble. Her uncompromising poetry and the absence of metaphors under the surface would not captivate those writers.

She burrows deep into your psyche and sensitizes your mind in an unthinkable manner. She makes you become a part of her vulnerable writing. She describes what she feels like to be lost, to be cherished, and to be strong on your own. This collection, while in many ways simple, addresses some of the darkest and most hopeful matters of the human heart. If you enjoy marinating in your feelings or if you often ponder topics like girl child, rising rapes, love and relationships, or what it means to love in different forms, I would recommend you check out “Femonomic”.

She talks about love, society and life and basically about anything and everything under the sun except the Sun. “Femonomic” is brutal, sarcastic and funny.

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