Some people appear to have it all, but on the inside they are conflicted. Such is the story of Shyam, a well to do bachelor who seems to have it all going well for him. But his heart and brain are at war. Shyam meets Aditi Narang, who is bold, beautiful and likes Shyam. She is an epitome of charisma and attraction. Within sometime she indicates her love to Shyam. However, Shyam on the other hand is a conflicted person and rejects her unspoken love.

Padma Lakshmi is an ordinary girl who doesn’t have anything unique in hindsight. Even though Shyam is unimpressed with Padma, he still accepts the offer to marry her.

This tale is of a man, who confuses time and people and most of all confuses himself. He is the most eligible bachelor in town, but his decisions have repercussions. Shyam wrongs both women and breaks both their hearts.

Socha Bhi Na Tha is a story that takes an angle never thought before. The story might have its ups and downs but the tone remains fast. It will grip you tight and will keep you on your toes. Experience the battle between Shyam’s mind and heart.

It has a messaging on the perils of a forced matrimony and the untold aftermath associated in ousting from it, and talks about the monster ‘depression’ which is best understood only by a person who has battled it. At its climax, the story offers a glimpse on Karma/Destiny & Free will, and nudges the readers to reflect upon one’s own experiences, and attitude in life.

Sriman is the author of Socha Bhi Na Tha. He has worked for leading credit card companies like HSBC, GE Capital and Standard Chartered Bank. Other than his full time job and writing he also plays tennis. From time to time he indulges in philosophies of life.

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