What if you thought that you were dead only to find out that you have made it in to a mystical land? Rid, the protagonist of ‘Thanka’ decides to end his life and jumps off a cliff. Much to his astonishment he wakes up in a land full of magical fruits, lush forests and fantasy animals called ‘Thanka’.

Somehow, Rid realizes what he has lost and wants to get back to his home, no matter how mystical the land is. To do that, Rid must get rid of the obstacles that stand in his way back to home. He must defeat the evil Evilius and the blind dragons that reside in Thanka.

Rid decides to defeat his anxiety and become a fighter. He needs to defeat the perils that stand in the Game of Thanka. With Rid’s phenomenal transformation, will he manage to finish the game and defeat all the evil? No one has ever finished the game. Will Rid be able to attain victory?

The author loves to write adventure, fantasy and also has a way of breaking complex idea into unconventional thoughts. The author’s debut novel was Island Game of Modern Life and Thanka is the second. We must all read more to unfold the adventures.

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