We often observe, some of the greatest poets fill their poems with loss, absence and the intention of letting go. Therefore, poetry and writing is one the most beautiful ways of coping with grief and loss.

‘The Art of Letting Go’ is a collection of poems that urges the reader to accept grief and eventually move on. The poems are beautiful and enriched with loss. The process of letting go can be very painful. Therefore, it is the pain that augments the poems.

The Art of Letting Go has been divided in to three chapters namely hope, closure and love. Each chapter is a stage in the larger process of letting go. Hope is the optimism for the future. Closure is the last hug with your past. Love is the liberation from grief.

The poems are very relatable to everyone because each one of us has to learn to let go of something or the other. Each word in the book drips of emotion and melancholy. ‘The Art of Letting Go’ really peaks into the reader’s soul and the reader peeks back without any inhibition.

Sanhita Barua is the poetess who has written ‘The Art of Letting Go’. She currently works in Bangalore and holds an MBA degree from MDI Gurgaon. She has been writing and blogging for a long time now. She published her book of poetry through Notion Press in November 2018, and has found great success since then. She understands, that as a poet and as a writer many of us doubt our work and end up doubting ourselves. But at every step of her journey she has been rewarded with love and appreciation. Hence, she also urges other poets to publish their work and see where it goes.

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