Shilpa Goel, by now, has become a very known name in the Indian literature domain. She has already donned multiple roles in the literature circuit. She herself has been a reader for many years; decided to embark the journey of writing at a very young age; found her calling in poems and finally took up one of the most challenging jobs of editing. In all the while, she has compiled and edited five anthologies of poems and short stories about romance and travels. Her work has been published in eight anthologies so far. Shilpa shares her poetry, prose, and quotes regularly on Instagram and has readers from all over the world. She has been listed among top 10 on the list of 31 Modern Poets You Should Follow by Glow Habits. It was always a matter of time when this talented individual would have decided to come up with her first poetry book. Now that she has come up with ‘Poetic letters to God’, the readers must be extremely happy and thankful to her for this lovely gift.

The book has a deep personal touch throughout the pages, yet the content is so powerfully presented the readers can very easily relate to the same. It echoes a lot of feelings and sentiments which might have come across the minds of common readers also but since everyone, unlike Shilpa Goel, is not gifted with the skill of writing, they would not have been able to express those so elegantly. That’s exactly where the book becomes just not a run on the mill work but one which is to be read, absorbed and discussed about. Gifting books had become a rare practice in the present generation but I’m sure with these kind of powerful, content-driven books written by the talented authors like Shilpa Goel, book gifting will again stage a comeback as a social practice.

Among many positives, the one particular characteristic that sets this book apart is the answer it attempts to give regarding the God and human relation. We often get confused-if God is our friend or guardian; if God is our go-to person or the one who Himself or Herself will be by our side whenever the need be. As a byproduct, in this particular book, Shilpa Goel gives an answer to that also.

Overall, as a reader you have to take time out to give this unputdownable book its due time and absorb the content to the fullest.

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