Poetry is the music of rhythm and rhymes that originates from the core of sentiments.

Priya Dolma Tamang is a class wordsmith, so natural in her technique, that it makes us wonder if she were born simply to write poems. Her inaugural book, “Ivory Gleam”, is a literary delight. It is the home of contemplation and compassion. Love lingers in the pages. Most poems are long and savory. Some are short and powerful. Regardless of the length, they do what they need to do – they satiate the human heart.

The book sounds like an old soul. In fact, it takes us on a roller coaster ride towards maturity. The bumps are many and intensely evocative. Her work is honest, raw and of supreme depth. She has bared those emotions that most are scared to show. Her poetry is drawn from traditional literature but written for the contemporary generation. There is something in it for every age group. It teaches us how to live our lives with open-hearted generosity and consideration for all.

The author is a widely acclaimed Instagram poet. She is from the northeast state of Sikkim and writes as though she invented the English language.

Ivory Gleam is a must read for intelligent readers seeking quality content.

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