With love comes ache because pain is the cost of living. The Temple Stop captures the emotions of all those soldiers who lost their lives and all those families who lost their homes.

The book is not just a romantic tale, but it is built on the idea of love – loss and beyond. The characters seek help and divine intervention. The novel is a remarkable tale that entraps the social evils and teaches people to cope with them.

The Temple Stop flows in the minds of the reader and impacts the readers with strong messages. The novel carries teachings in the form of beautiful verses to give the reader a poetic symmetry.

The book is a cross of poetry and contemporary fiction all written in simple and strong words.

The author of the book is a postgraduate in English Literature from SCD, Government College, Ludhiana, affiliated to the Panjab University, Chandigarh. Whilst she is an author she is also a public speaker. Her oratory skills resonate in her writing.

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