“One shouldn’t just know how to make art, One should even know how to sell it.”

‘We Are Salesman’, the book is on the life of every catalyst in the selling profession. A salesman’s qualities and skills cannot be pigeonholed. And thus the book brings to you the life of a salesperson with all its mayhem and collocation. The book professes all the struggles, achievements, techniques, lifestyle and the thought process of a salesperson. The book also reveals how a non-salesperson views a salesperson.

The book is an apt reflection of the salesman’s life. ‘We are Salesman’ is a novel for anyone who wishes to enter the profession, know more about it or how has general interest in it. The book is a fascinating read for anyone who even wishes to understand how a salesperson persuades a non-salesperson.

Rana Roy, the author of the book, shares his wisdom and experiences as a salesman in his book. He took the route of hard work and is experienced in corporate sales, channel sale, project sales, etc. Mr. Roy has also started the alumni association of EMPI Business School in New Delhi. His work experience took him to many companies, some of them being Everest Industries Ltd., Phillips India Ltd., etc. Currently he works as a business developer, author, public speaker and a personal coach.

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