It took four years for author Robin Sharma to have his book The 5 am Club see the light of day. Having ruled the bookshelves with his previous work The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin has touched upon one of the most talked-about subjects in today’s time; the 5 am rule. While getting up early is a part of inculcating healthy habits, the author sheds light on its benefits and pens a practical procedure.

In fact, Robin shares how getting up at 5 am could be the first and most important step to conquer the day. “The 5 am is the mother of all habits. Even Gandhi got up early, the monks get up early, a lot of the great artists get up early. Why. Because it is the quietest time of the day. You can do your best thinking. This isn’t magic, it’s common sense. The way you begin your day is the way you determine you live the day,” he says.

‘Your excuses are seducers, your fears are liars..’ reads in a line in his book. Talking about the youth and this generation were rising up early is more of a concept than a habit, Robin says, “The greatest heartbreak is a life half-lived. So failure is the price of ambition and if you want to be alive you’ve got to take some risks. There are a lot of people who live in the safe harbour of the known and they are too scared to use their ambitions and they’re too scared to take any real risks. They spend their days addicted to their phones because that’s just an escape.”

The 5 am Club accentuates in how to wake up early and a method called the 20/20/20 formula that elaborately lists on the procedure.  But take a look at the 5 important things one must do to conquer the day, or make is productive. Robin says,

Sweat first thing in the morning
“Science has shown that releases a pharmacy of mastery in your brain,” he said. “Your brain is on fire as well as all these endorphins pulsing through your body.”

Take some time to reflect
It allows you to release your weaknesses and amplifying your strengths. It helps to set a plan for the day versus living in a very reactive way. It also helps to spend some time growing.

Make some time for personal growth to develop potential
“We’re happiest when we’re growing and our skills will be more successful. An athlete prepares for the big event, why wouldn’t a human being prepare for the day,” he said.

Write some gratitude
“Because gratitude is the antidote to apathy”

Write 5 goals/wins for the day

Robin’s debut book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari took the market like a bomb, it became a bestseller a few years back and continues to be the word-of-mouth even today. What led him to write this book, Robin shares how having worked as a lawyer did not fulfil what he really wanted in life. “I didn’t like the man looking at me in the mirror. I started studying great lives, people who were happy. I started studying different modalities and I made a profound change in my life that led me to write The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,” he says.



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