Author Biswajit Banerji comes up with a brilliant book this summer which takes humor to the next orbit altogether. To think of humor in different scenarios needs special talent. It demands even a higher degree of talent to pen those humor down on a piece of paper and come up with a complete book with thirteen fun-filled short stories. Mr. Biswajit Banerji, in this particular book titled ‘Happimess’ proved himself as someone who has this degree of talent.

In case, you are a reader who is yet to read this book, our strong recommendation will be you should go ahead and grab a copy of ‘Happimess’. The book presents you with thirteen situations based and scenario based satirical stories. One particular story that stands out is based on ‘insurance’ and ‘insurance agent’. Almost all of us are familiar with this group of people. But the way Mr. Banerji brings in a fresh perspective about them simply makes you feel fun-struck.

From a timing standpoint, this book would not have come in a better time. People in the world are struggling to find a reason to smile and exactly at this point of time Mr. Banerji has come up with this book which presents you with hilarious punches and impeccable satires. One can understand the kind of critical eye needed to see the funny side of every scenario. This book helps the reader to grow that kind of an eye. Perhaps, this is what all of us need to target in the present age. So, do grab a copy of ‘Happimess’ since the book is all about happiness and no mess.

The book is strongly recommended for readers belonging to different walks of life. The promise that the book makes through the cover and the title, is fulfilled in each and every page. The book is worth every single penny you invest on it.

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