In this world we prioritize inanimate things over prioritizing happiness. Happiness comes to us in many forms but we choose to be blind towards it. We refuse to see the essence of happiness that is carried in our experiences.

The Call of Bliss is an anthology of short stories. Each short story has a different plot but a common theme. The theme is to find happiness. All characters in the stories desire happiness and take steps that they feel would get them closer to happiness. However, life doesn’t always give us exactly what we desire and sometimes we have to extract the things we want from our experiences.

The anthology has many refreshing perspectives. The stories make the reader understand and make peace with different versions of happiness.

The author Soham Mukherjee is an academician by profession and a creator by hobby. He loves the English language and as a pass time he makes sentences out of random words. Soham hails from Kolkata, West Bengal where he completed his schooling and higher education.

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