Author Urvashi Tandon who is a professor of Anaesthesiology is a trained Paediatric Anaesthesist. That’s what prompted her to write a book for children. Ms. Tandon had a three decade stint with the Armed Forces beside being a professional researcher and regular writer for magazines. On top of this, she is a trained vocalist, an energy healer and a spiritual seeker.

The diverse and versatile background she comes from helped her to come up with a book which fits the bill for a modern-day young reader. Young age is perhaps the best time when one develops the habit of reading stories. It is also the time when good habits get internalized. Ms. Tandon had combined these two aspects and decided to come up with this brilliant book named ‘Potpourri’ where she not only attempted to tell stories to children but also tried to convey serious social messages for the young reader group.


Reading this kind of a book early in life will help young minds to come up with a strong sense of social responsibility and morality. The book teaches very easy to implement good habits which may go a long way in creating long term social and environmental impacts. Overall, the book contains ten short stories – each one is different in its own way from the others.

‘Potpourri’ is a much needed book for this generation which has become very used to with a fast paced lifestyle. In this pacy world, most of the times, the parents miss out on percolating the essential teachings to the next generation. That’s where ‘Potpourri’ promises to play such a significant role in building a better future.

Talking about the individual stories, each story is crafted in a brilliant manner. However, the story about Robert and his treehouse stands out for the novel scene setting and the subtle art of story telling.

To summarize, in case you are a parent who is either looking for a book to narrate bedtime stories to your kids or to present your kid a book from where they can learn important modern day life lessons, ‘Potpourri’ is the book for you. Without any further delay, please place an order and allow your kid to get indulged in the habit of reading.

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