Human beings are extraordinarily sculptured with enough wisdom and will power to discern or distinguish between good & bad; right & wrong; wisdom & foolishness. Human beings can be categorized by their characteristics as ordinary, super and extraordinary. To which category, do we belong is a question, that should be answered with extreme honesty.

A typical person always strives to move forward and grow higher, instead of being stagnant. Growth is directly proportional to the Performance. The growth of mankind towards peace, prosperity and happiness lies within the self.

This book –Maker of Your Life (A complete package to become your own Master), explains how one can master, one’s own life by performing well, to achieve greater heights.

The Author, Dr. Vipul Bhartiya began this book with “Identifying your own Buddha”, which means, identifying the characteristics we possess, that determine our category. Gradually, this book helps a person to move onward to the next category.

The Author takes us for a ride to the experiences and incidents of popular personalities, of national and International vicinities, and gives a visualized picture of what we are? What we ought to be! And how better we can be!

This book makes a mark in creating willingness to attain wisdom, purity and peace to lead a happy and prosperous life. The assignments at the end of each chapter, induces self- assessment. Thereby, helps in weighing our own attributes, while signifying what is to be kept and what is to be dropped!

All in All, this book quenches the thirst of Philosophy of Life. Fetch it and get contented.

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