Welcome to an exclusive interview conducted by AuthorTimes.com, where we dive into the creative mind of Robert Isenberg, author of the hilarious and thought-provoking book, “Why Men Are Suspicious of Yoga.” With his unique blend of humor and introspection, Robert takes us on a journey through personal experiences, historical events, and the complexities of familial relationships. In this interview, we explore Robert’s creative process, his inspiration from unsung heroes, the role of family in his writing, and his joy in connecting with readers. Join us as we unravel the wit and wisdom behind Robert Isenberg’s remarkable storytelling.


Q1. Can you share some insights into your creative process? How do you approach the task of transforming personal experiences and reflections into engaging and relatable stories?

Robert: I try to write about things that interest me. I try to see humor in various issues and the serious side of comedy.

Q2. Your book includes essays that touch upon historical events and unsung heroes. What draws you to these stories, and how do you weave historical context into your narratives while keeping them accessible and engaging for readers?

Robert: Some examples would be “Against All Odds” Which falls in the “Games People Play” Section; There were some essays in this section that hopefully will bring smiles & then there is the Branch Rickey & Jackie Robinson story.
I’ve performed this piece at countless venues. I always ask how many people have ever heard of Branch Rickey.
Few hands get raised. However, he’s the main reason that a black person came to baseball and now so many black athletes dominate sports in the USA.

Q3. The Family section of your book explores the joys and challenges of familial relationships. Can you discuss the role of family in your writing and how it influences your storytelling?

Robert: Family is a part of everyone’s life mine included. I was the youngest of seven. Being the youngest helps bring forth the humor.
“Brothers,” Tells the tale of the two youngest children. How David who was closest to me in age felt when our mom gave birth to me.
I don’t believe he ever forgave the crime. “Learning How To Just Watch” All six siblings have passed. I had to learn to “just watch” six times.

Q4. As an author, what do you enjoy most about the writing process? Are there any particular aspects or stages of writing that you find particularly fulfilling or exciting?

Robert: I very much enjoy placing words on paper. I love that people have read much of what I’ve written I enjoy all comments including “liberal bullshit!” Best of all I mostly enjoy other people performing one of my stories.

Q5. Throughout your writing journey, have there been any books or authors who have greatly influenced or inspired your work? If so, could you share some of them and explain how they have impacted your writing style or themes?

Robert: Ironically I’m mostly influenced by song lyrics. I’m so impressed with songwriters that are able in three to four minutes tell a story. There are so many
examples that I’d never stop writing; but a few examples; “Lying Eyes” by Glenn Frey & Don Henley, “Sunday Morning Coming Down” by Kris Kristofferson, and “Country Bumpkin” by Don Wayne. I find it remarkable.

Q6. Can you describe a memorable or heartwarming interaction you’ve had with a reader who connected with your book? How does it feel to know that your writing has touched the lives of others?

Robert: The one most memorable was when someone I barely knew read the piece on “Hugging” embraced me & said, “Boy did that ever apply to him.” He loved it!
Another one was when my Sister in law read “Foul Weather Friends” She wanted to know why she hadn’t been invited to the party in the story. It took me a very long time to remember that I had made up the party in order to write the story.

Q7. Can you provide some insights into your future writing projects? Are there any themes or subjects that you are particularly interested in exploring in your upcoming works?

Robert: Upcoming works: I haven’t decided what it will be. Perhaps dealing with the old age monster. will make a good horror story.

As we conclude this captivating interview with the brilliant humorist and author Robert Isenberg, we are left with a deep appreciation for his ability to infuse laughter and insight into every page. His creative process, fueled by genuine interest and a unique perspective, allows him to transform personal experiences into relatable stories that resonate with readers. By shedding light on unsung heroes and integrating historical context, Robert effortlessly brings these narratives to life while keeping them accessible and engaging. Through his exploration of familial relationships, he showcases the joys and challenges that shape our lives. Robert’s passion for writing, his love for the power of words, and his delight in seeing his stories performed by others are evident throughout this interview. As he contemplates his future writing projects, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his literary journey, eagerly awaiting another dose of his sharp wit and insightful observations.


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