In the past, we had seen many people from different walks of lives taking up writing as their professions. Many a times we saw, once the initial excitement and spark of writing is over, the writers tend to crawl back in a creative cocoon.

However, this is certainly not the case with the supremely talented, budding writer Ms. Nita Bajoria. Ms. Nita is a well-known business personality for the city of joy – Kolkata. She, by choice decided to take up her childhood passion of writing more seriously and came up with her debut novel ‘The Leap’ one and a half year back. ‘The Leap’ was an amazingly refreshing novel representing the contemporary science fiction genre. Quite aptly, the book went on to become an instant hit among readers belonging to different walks of lives.

Now, whenever, we see an author writing something related to the science fiction genre, we tend to typecast that particular author. It’s extremely difficult to break this typecast. It’s, in fact, more difficult to break this typecast by venturing into another genre which is less explored. Ms. Bajoria effortlessly and elegantly does exactly that. She had come up with brilliant graphic fiction book titled ‘Urban Chronicles’. True to its title, the book explores the urban lives in a never like before manner.

Though the three graphic short stories primarily revolve around the lives of urban people living cosmopolitan lives, the emotions which drive the story lines can be felt and related to by greater strata of people. This is exactly wherein the success of Ms. Nita Bajoria as an author lies. The book ‘Urban Chronicles’ is surely going to be a collector’s choice for all readers. What makes it even better is that the book is available at an extremely cost effective price. So, as a reader, there is nothing which can come up between you and the book.

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