Vihang A Naik is a bilingual poet who pens down his poems from his old school mind in a way that it fits the contemporary thought. He is a native of Gujarat and was born in 1969 and is an alumnus of The M S University of Baroda. Many of his works have been inspired by his Gujarati literature.

The poet pens down his thoughts on the mishaps of today. In his book ‘Jeevangeet’ (2001) that is a collection of poems he expresses his disdain towards the victims of the Gujarat earthquake.

In his collection ‘Making A Poem’ (2004) is his writing on how a poet becomes a poet. It is a process of a penning down your thoughts to make music with words.

‘City Times and Other Poems’ (1993) is a collection of poems that range from thoughts that are happy, sad, blissful and even rotten. This collection is like life, it varies from emotion to emotion and hence varies from poem to poem.

‘The Poetry Manifesto’ (2010) is the manifesto of thoughts and intuitions. They house the vintage philosophies of Naik that have a depth to them.

Naik’s poetry is effortless. It comes from a place of love and introspection. He is known to blend his today with yesterday and it will even feed the tomorrow.


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