Many of you must have already read Krishanu’s poems. Those who are yet to taste his poetic extravagance must give “Offsprings” a try. Yes, “Offsprings” – bilingual poet cum educationist, Mr. Krishanu Banerjee’s newly released poetry book brings to you one of the best scribbled thoughts of a Bong.

Lucid language and simple rhyming meters are the most appreciable aspects of Krishanu’s poetic style. Being a poetry book one cannot find mortal storylines or characters but metaphorical entities like Nature, Love, Death, Flower, Setting Sun etc. play the role of both protagonist and antagonist in Krishanu’s poems. For example, in one poem you will find metaphorical protagonist is a tree while antagonist is a simple human being. Whereas in another you will discover the protagonist is a human and antagonist is the society. You can find a poem where life is the protagonist and hatred is its antagonist. Sometimes poetry creates difficulties to understand and realize but with this book experience will be different.

“Taking her birth on the lap of soil
The small one was doing a lot of toils
To touch the leaves of her nearby trees,
To shake her boughs in the cold breeze.”

The above lines have been cited from the poem “A Small Tree”, the 26th one in order of feature.

“My Life – A Setting Sun” is another classical example of metaphorical verse. To cite a few lines from the poem:-

“In the afternoon
I look at the setting sun –
Red, pale, helpless.
Once at noon who fires everything
With his youth and power.
And a lot of, lot of tempers,
Now he is going to shrink
And sink deep and deep.”

I mean hardly anybody would have looked at the setting sun at dusk with such a poetic eye. We always tend to compare the dusk with love, but Krishanu took a step ahead to personify it with an ageing man who is slowly losing his strength with age.

An amazing collection of poetry awaits you. Why don’t you give it a pick this summer?

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