Joseph Alvarez is his name and one single dot of clue is all he needs to bring out every biggest truth involved in the case; with suicides mysteriously multiplying around the country and sending every official in a frenzy through a range of questions like whether it is supernatural or whether a serial killer is involved or if no murder is related to another. He, Joseph Alvarez is the only effective help available for the government. The invisible answers lie in front of his eyes and only his sacrifice can ever help to solve the case… but, will he?

On the other hand is Raj who is a survivor of childhood trauma and subsequent loneliness. He is on a mission to help his friends. His motto is that we have our answers but the only need is to find it to win over loneliness.

Read to know on how two stories become one. As two plots take you through a roller coaster ride of mystery and thrill, be ready to experience the nail-biting experience and heat-warming life lessons.

Kuldeep is a passionate poet and a short-story writer. He has currently placed himself as a faculty of UPSC and GPSC at the Gujarat Academy. He is going to place himself in the law field as he is pursuing his law degree side by side. The 24-year-old debut author, Kuldeep Makawana is very passionate about history as well as philosophy too; the spark that made him write this novel is the positive feedback received for his submissions on the college newspaper as well the local magazines.

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