It’s got to be love is the story of Dev and in his journey joins him his dear friend Vikram. Their journey takes them on a roller coaster ride to Chandigarh, Mumbai and Delhi.

Dev has a complicated life like any young man and his nightmares come true. The story starts with him meeting a girl Carol who he connects with instantly but don’t last too long. Dev then goes on to meet Vani on Facebook very soon that Facebook friend request turns into love. Unfortunately another heartbreak is on its way when Vani leaves him for reasons unknown.

An emotionally wounded Dev is now on a journey to win back his love but there are too many complications. Will Carol come back in to his life?

Prashant Kaul is the author of ‘It’s got to be love’. He works as an HR professional with a financial firm in Chandigarh and is a postgraduate in MBA (HR) from Amity University. Shuffling between an HR job and writing can be tough but he manages to do it very well. It’s got to be Love is his first book that has already sold 1000 copies in the past year. Apart from being an author he is also a blogger. His second novel is in the making and will be launched soon.

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