Jishy’s life has seen many unforeseen ups and downs that made her stronger than the free folks. Yes, truly she is a living legend of motivation who also chose the novel path of enlightening others through her life’s journey. Though it took sudden odd turns at times, but Jishy has proved to be a real fighter. She has survived a brain tumor (colloid cyst) which has also become an inspiration to write her own survival story to motivate others.

Her first published title ‘A journey to life’ depicts her roller coaster journey of life where at the end she conquers as the winner. The book also presents a set of healthy diets prescribed by the seasoned consultant herself. The picture of a broccoli on front cover says a lot about its genre.

Want a healthy life? The basis for a healthy life – a healthy diet – is often neglected. A healthy diet can do miracles and bring out a wonderful individual.  Jishy Seby, passionate about healthy diet, shares her knowledge and experiences for everyone to follow a healthy life. She has an immense passion towards healthy diet that made her to write many articles on healthy living in various journals and news daily in Sultanate of Oman.

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