Nitish Bahalwala, a practicing doctor, living in Belgorod (Russia), has a unique personal view about the world. He refers to himself as a miserable human being who often feels detached from the universe. And that stands his book ‘The Chimera’ out from the rest.

He believes, human beings are evolutionary creatures, born to survive even in adverse conditions. However, Nitish has raised quite a few thought-provoking questions through his book ‘The Chimera’.

Is the life we live perfect?
Are we completely happy?
What is this world, that seems not what it is?

Not knowing “truth” or “reality” humans tread the same path again and again, not learning from history.

A motivational speaker and blogger with multilingual attributes, he is highly knowledgeable in advanced Psycho Sciences. Nitish was born in Haryana and completed his schooling in Bahal, a small village in that state.With these cons come some pros, and that is his unique vision of this complex system.He wants to take a step for mankind through this book‘The Chimera’ and also the one in pipeline titled ‘Feminatow’, the most anticipated book based on a moral tug of war versus chauvinists and feminists of the world.‘Feminatow’ word is a conjoint of two different words which have no interest in uniting with each other – Feminism and MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Ways). Doesn’t that ring a bell in your mind?



As a modern philosopher and business mentor, Nitish himself runs two companies, locally registered in Russia. The company trade names too bear the magical touch of this talented author – Omiu Russia and Rind Wind Internationals. Being a long timer in the Soviet, a Slavic touch of philosophy is present in all his writings adds the most distinguishing flavor to his writings. And that is why his contents are so popular on social media sites, good enough to be tagged as an influencer.

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