‘The Untold – Unraveling Life’ is a novel of chances. It teaches us to take risks to get everything we need to in order to live a life that is completely true to us. Be it chasing a dream or finding true love, The Untold has a way of getting to the heart.

Yes, life is inequitable and emotions are complex. Emotions swing from here and there and many a times they leave us devastated. But that should not be a reason to stop enjoying life, right? If we don’t go after what we truly want today then all we will be left with tomorrow is regret.

Aanya’s story starts as a teenager and maps her journey for the next seven years. She regularly finds herself in conflicting situations. Feeling a sense of despair and lacking is a part of the young adult package, but Aanya’s story and emotions are heightened.

The book sends us the message to always strive and thrive. Success is not achieved over night and one has to really be patient in the process of achieving something. It is a journey of perseverance and lots of laughter. Even though our families or society may not support us, but we should always go after our dreams.

Sonal Jain, the author of The Untold has already taken her chances at the young age of 21. While being an author she is also the founder of a social group that acts as a platform to underprivileged children to follow their passions and hone their skills. In her spare time when she isn’t writing or providing for the underprivileged, she enjoys watching movies. Sonal is also a trained Kathak dancer.

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