Traders have been present since the advent of time. Trading was a form of barter that has been inherent in the human society for all of time. Even before capitalists, traders existed in various forms.

Traders require a specific skill set that consists of analyzing risks. If a person has the power to identify risks and tackle them in the future, then he or she has managed to become a successful trader. Alas, only if it were this simple. And now it can be with Trade and Grow Rich, a book written by Indrazith Shantharaj. Indrazith is an intra-day trader, trainer and coach of the stock market.,204,203,200_.jpg?w=640&ssl=1

The book is written in a format that has methods along with anecdotes that one can comply in order to become a successful trader. One very important piece of information is that one should read the book one chapter at a time, so that the reader can grasp the information well. The author has a decade worth of knowledge fit in the book.

Indrazith co-authored his second book Mind Markets and Money along with CA Rudramurty BV which is the first Indian book on market profile and Orderflow.

Apart from being an author, he also writes his own blog,



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