1. This library lets patrons text a noise hotline to report any disturbances.

2. This library’s stools are made from discarded and damaged books.

3. This library has a noise meter that lets visitors know when they’re being too loud.

4. This library tells visitors how much money they’ve saved by borrowing books when they check out.

5. This library has a special directory for sensitive topics, in case a visitor isn’t comfortable asking a librarian for help.

6. This library eliminated all fines so visitors facing financial hardship aren’t discouraged from checking out books.

7. This library has a “cone of silence” booth for visitors to take phone calls in.

8. This library lets visitors check out cake pans and other baking supplies in addition to books.

9. This library has a beehive (sealed, of course!) in their children’s section so kids can learn about the importance of bees.

10. This library used to be a church, and they kept all of the spectacular architecture in the new design.

11. This library created a special section just for books that have been banned throughout history.

12. This library has a section of “anti staff picks,” full of books that the librarians hate.

13. This library’s mystery section has a ~secret~ bookshelf for visitors to find.

14. This library has a community jigsaw puzzle that anyone can help complete.

15. This library has an area where visitors can borrow and listen to records.



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